Jerking Off on Webcam in Your Face

Jerking off on webcam.

All day and all night you crave dicks. Forget all that I’m jerking off on webcam right in your face anytime you find yourself aching for a big dose of dick. Lets face it you’re a dick addict.

The thoughts of man bush, big swinging ball bags and a hard fat cock constantly have you getting hard in the midst of whatever you might be doing. So you need a solution for your cravings and that’s where master comes in.

I’m always horny and get off on making you go kooky for cock. I’ll pull out my superior cock and start jerking off on webcam while I laugh at the state it puts you in. We can even get into some of your twisted ass fantasies and see how hooked I can truly make you on my jerk off sessions.

Jerking Off on Webcam POV Style

We can take things as far as you want to take them. Want me to see you on webcam too? We can do that, if you have the balls but it doesn’t matter. All the matters to me is that you see me and my cock crystal clear and hard as steel, all up in your face.

I like to call that POV style or Point of View style. Trust me I can get it in there so good you’ll thing I’m slapping my slab off your chin like the cock slut you are. Come get a taste of me jerking off a load and see why you are destined to become my boner bitch.

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