Gay Macrophilia Fetish Explained

Gay Macrophilia

Gay Macrophilia is a sexual fascination with giants in one form or another.

Usually the fantasies revolve around either being in the presence of a giant man or on the flip side being the giant man dominating a tiny guy.

But considering you are on this website, you are most likely into the first of the two wonderful options; being a tiny bug man being owned by a gigantic stud. However if you are someone just looking into it then maybe we should fill you in on what it is about.

What’s the deal with gay macrophilia fetishes?

A big giant stomps into the room where his tiny gay slave hides from his power…

Well for starters that’s a bit of the allure of gay macrophilia fetishes.

However it goes much deeper than that. For those of you that have never heard of anything known as a gay macrophilia fetish then you might be in for a surprise.

Gay Macrophilia is in essence a fantasy involving male giants or men that are at least extremely tall.

Typically the fetishist will be a gay male that gets turned on by the idea of being an extremely small full grown man that is in the presence of an giant alpha male. Sometimes the giant will be dominant and cruel whereas with other fantasies it may involve a big guy that takes pity on his shrunken counterpart. It all depends on the individual.

What makes this one of the more unique gay fetishes out there is the fact that there is so much variation from person to person with typically no two peoples fantasies being alike. Many other gay fantasies have a certain body part they obsess about and they need to see it to get off but gay macrophilia fetishes usually always have a story behind them.

Gay Macrophilia Fetishes and Submission

Our site focuses on gay domination so I’ll stick to that area of gay macrophilia fetishes. In this realm the giant will be a powerful force that is not to be messed with and the shrunken man will have to submit and do as he is told. Other scenarios you may find might involve a similar setup only the focus will be on his giant feet, hands or, of course, his gargantuan penis.

Now that you have the background and definition; have you ever heard about it before or better yet does it turn you on?

The only problem is it may turn you on which we know it does you perverted bastards but it’s hard to pull it off. Sure you can sit around your place tugging your twig trying to imagine it but that gets boring. Well then there are macrophilia themed videos but they are always corny as hell.

What you need is live interactive with our giant studs on webcam or you could opt for some hardcore phone sex but trust us you’ll love the cams. The reason your going to love them, tiny man, is because we can set our cams up in ways that make us look like we are towering over top of you looking down and can do extreme high definition closeups of our feet and other body parts, making it seem as real as you can possibly get.

So the next time you find yourself getting all bitch boned up over your gay macrophilia fantasies just turn to the dominant giant men we have online around the clock.

Do You Have a Gay Macrophilia Fetish?

If you do let us know all about it in the comments below or if you know someone who does, share this on twitter or wherever else you’d like.

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One thought on “Gay Macrophilia Fetish Explained

  1. I am very attracted to giants. I love to be a tiny bug to a handsome giant who towers over me. I’m not too much to be dominated, but more intimidated. I usually love a giant who is: gentle, seductive, or very playful. Someone who constantly makes me feel tiny. I’m also attracted to added effects he could do, like: stomping and making earthquakes, speaking like a giant, being sniffed by him, and letting me explore his sexy body. I just love to be a shrunken little bug to a giant, and I hope I can be one.

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