Verbal Abuse for Gay Bottoms

Verbal Abuse for Gay Bottoms
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Don’t you love verbal abuse? You can tell just by looking at me that I can dish out verbal abuse for gay bottoms like you and I don’t hold back.

All of you nasty gay bottoms want is to get filled by a big fat straight man dick like mine anyway so you know you deserve the verbal abuse and humiliation.

The worst part is that most of you bottom boys would suck my dick or take it up the ass at the drop of a hat. You can try to convince yourself that you wouldn’t but we both know that if we were alone and just pulled it out, the majority of you couldn’t resist. You’d be on the floor, face down ass up or kneeling with your mouth hole open ready to swallow. Get real!

 Gay Bottoms NEED Verbal Abuse

Be real for a second and think about the fact that you are man (have a dick) yet you will swallow loads with your mouth and anus. I mean think about that?! You will spread your thighs, ass cheeks and offer your mouth for a pumping just like a slut would. So what does that make you?

Gay bottoms are little bitches and sluts, hell you’re practically girls and because of that deserve verbal abuse more so than practically anyone. You pathetic bottoms would be a tie if I compared you to the verbal abuse shemales deserve.

When you’re dealing with a real man like me and want to act like a dirty slut bottom then I’m going to make sure you get the use and verbal abuse you need deep down inside. You know you do. We both do.

25 thoughts on “Verbal Abuse for Gay Bottoms

  1. what you say in your profile is a perfect description of me Sir. I know im a faggot and desperately need men that know what I am as well Sir.

    1. Glad to hear you’ve come to terms with your faggot-ness. Are you ready for some verbal?

  2. Sir, please let me know how I can be worthy of your abuse. I am a worthless faggot in South Florida and need it bad. The more abussive the better.

  3. I know what a lowlife cocksucking cum guzzling gay faggot skank pig I am . I deserve a spit and a slap . always on my knees for the next cock I cant help it no mercy no respect how can I please you

  4. I am a filthy little cocksucking pissdrinking ass-rimming slut and I NEED to be told just how fucking dirty and low I am. I am asking you, and maybe your buddies too, to tell me just what a low fucking little cum licking cunt I am. Piss on me, piss in my face, piss all over me and laugh, laugh at me wallowing in your hot piss…PLEASE

  5. Please give me verbal sir! I need some extreme humilation in my life, please drop me a email so i can be your faggot. You would love laughing at my man clit…

  6. Sir i am a filthy nasty dirty faggot slave that needs to be kept caged soaked in cum spit sweat bitch slapped owned for life w/ no human rights in extreme bondage caged like the filthy faggot that i am. Sir i wish you could own me for life &; have your way with me 24/7.

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