Service an Older Stud Like the Boss I Am

Older Stud Master

It’s not your fault that serving an older stud drives you bonkers like the true bitch you are. Calm down, no need to get upset but lets be real about it. An older mature stud like me makes gay sluts like you get weak in the knees like a little bitch.

It’s normal to feel that way. After all you see an experienced, older, wiser and stronger alpha-male and you can feel where you belong; beneath me servicing.

So what is it that gets you going the most? Is it the gray hair? My manly voice? Oh I know what it is — it’s my dominating presence of pure man that leaves you dripping in your man panties. I wouldn’t be surprised if your holes started getting wet like a woman’s when I’m around.

Your Chance to Service an Older Stud

So finally I came around and figured out away to let you homos service me and amuse me properly right here over the computer. I love hearing you and seeing you when it’s possible as you describe how desperately you want me to show you more of my manly body. An older man like me knows exactly what he has and how to use it HARD.

Don’t fight those deep feelings you have towards older studs but instead come show me the respect a BOSS like me deserves from a horny homo like you.

2 thoughts on “Service an Older Stud Like the Boss I Am

  1. I LOVE being an ASS EATER SUB and ASSPLAY FAGGOT…I embrace it…it is who I am. I desperately want to be your personal Ass Rimmer, licking and sucking your Tail hole several times a day to keep you clean. I want you to allow me to suck on your asshole. My long wet tongue will find your most sensitive sticky places.

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