5 Ways to Tell You’re a Submissive Gay Man

As a straight master myself and acquaintance of several dominant gay men, we chatted about the ways to tell you’re a submissive gay man. Of course not everyone who submits to a real man shows every one of these signs but a good majority of them do but it varies across the spectrum depending on the type of submissive man you are.

Ways to Tell if You’re a Submissive Man

Read up on 5 ways to tell if your a submissive man and see if any of them sound like you!

1. You Catch Yourself Looking for Big Bulges

Submissive man looking for big bulges

2. Relating Better with Women

Relate with women

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3. You’re Always a Receiver

You're a receiver

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4. Waiting on a Guy Doesn’t Seem Unnatural

Male Waiter

5. A Man Speaks Forcefully… You Think it’s Hot

Man speaking forcefully

Are You a Submissive Man?

How did you do? Would you say you fit into the submissive category or know other telltale signs of a submissive gay man — let us know!

3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Tell You’re a Submissive Gay Man

  1. I am a born slave to worship and obey masters. Willing to give up my money for the privilege of sniffing smelly socks.

  2. Master,

    I am ready to completely submit to you and become your slave. I will do anything you tell me to do. I would love to worship you sir and be your slave.

    Your slave,

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