Flaming Fags Need to Gag on My Slab

Flaming fags

If there is one thing I know about you flaming fags is your taste for polishing the knob.

Well I’m all about getting blown any chance I can get but I’m not about to let some fag just act all romantic and loving with my huge prick in his mouth. Oh hell no!

I’d rather not even let a queer near this superior straight dick but when it’s a dry spell or I’m feeling especially sadistic is when I’ll make an exception just to use their holes.

Want the Slab Then Take it All Fag!

I love seeing the look on the faces of these flaming fags when they see what I flop out of my zipper. They know that they won’t be able to handle how long it is and how fat and thick it is. You know what else they know? They know they can’t back out either. They finally get their chance they’ve been begging for just like you will and now need to try to take it to the balls.

You flamings will straight up lose your mind when I start teasing and working you over with my fat pack. It’s at that point that I grip that pathetic head and straight pumping my shaft in that mouth like I’m pounding one of my bitches.

Do you think you can handle serving this fat cock? Come prove it! Connect up with me on cam.

5 thoughts on “Flaming Fags Need to Gag on My Slab

  1. would love to meet and spend a day on my knees with your cock down my throat I want to feel your balls on my chin as I gag and choke on your cock

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