Gay Chastity Slavery the Ultimate Denial

Gay chastity slavery

Considering how much gay guys love to play with themselves, gay chastity slavery is one of if not the ultimate form of denial possible.

Just think about that for a second, let it brew and picture yourself serving your ideal master yet he keeps you locked up in a chastity cage. As scary as it is exciting, isn’t it.

Being a straight master to plenty of submissive helpless gay slaves over the years I came to realize how desperately they all wanted to get off after serving me all day or night. That’s when I decided one day I was sick of this one guy always complaining and going on about it so I decided to put him into a chastity device. It was the most hilarious thing I had ever done with a slave.

At first he complained, whined and bitched about it constantly but when he reached the point where he realized I wasn’t budging he soon turned into the most pathetic and weak bitch I ever had. This guy went from bucking the system to complete and utter weakling in a week. He was literally putty in my hands.

Gay Chastity Slavery with a Dose of Teasing

I found the best way to get whatever I wanted out of my personal bitch was to add in some teasing and taunting before hand. What I would do is get him all worked into a frenzy, blazing hard inside of that small hard chastity cage and then make that bitch go buy me shit in hopes that I would unlock him.

Anything I wanted, I got it all because being denied the ability to get off will truly break a bitch down even more than you’d imagine! Trust me.

Which one of you thinks they want a taste of this or would you go crazy being pushed into gay chastity slavery?


  1. bondagesevilla

    I agree. I´m slave and love to be chastised. I was chastised by an amateur Master for a while but now i´m single and searching a Master (or Mistress, it doesn´t matter) who chastise me for extended periods (months, years… who knows) no matter what. Somebody who put me on a latowski belt (or carrara, neosteel, tollyboy or my-steel) and preset a date for release (not less than 6 months). In that time he/she will give me some tasks (weekly or monthly) and every time i fail the task a month (or two) should be added to the chastity time… it´s my dream but i hope to make it real someday

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