Gay Cash Slavery and Wallet Rape

Gay Cash Slavery

Did you know that some guys love the idea of gay cash slavery?

Well they do and it’s especially prevalent when it comes to paying straight men for attention, training, enslavement or even just humiliation.

Gay cash slavery is a form of financial domination and it varies greatly from one situation to the next. Usually it will involve the exploitation of a sexual weakness with the goal being milking their slave for all it’s worth. Of course there are the situations where you have a sugar daddy situation as well.

Gay Cash Slavery vs Wallet Rape

Many people think that gay cash slavery and wallet rape are two different things but actually wallet rape is just an activity that takes place within some financial domination or cash slavery arrangements.

Wallet rape is the high speed financial draining of a gay cash slave. It could be while out shopping with a slave’s credit card or debit card or it could even be online via webcam or phone.

This is definitely a gay fetish that is more prevalent in the higher income crowds but it does take place at all income levels just in varying levels of intensity. For those of you that think you can handle gay cash slavery or wallet rape should check out the gay cash masters available online.

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