Arrogant Alpha Master for Gay Sub Slave

Alpha Master

You gay sub slaves better be ready because this arrogant alpha master is here to rule over you like never before.

Forget the game playing, forget the romance stories — this is about domination and you serving the REAL man here.

I’ve been an alpha since I was born. Straight through school till now I’ve always been dominating the group and running circles as the king shit. Oh and guess what? That’s not changing anytime soon. You can come find that out yourself.

You’re looking at a real alpha master not some gay imposter that just wants to get ramrodded like you do. I pound chicks not dudes — I’m here to rule you not romance you faggots!

Serve Alpha Master Like a Good Sub

My body from my head to my big toes, all deserve to be adored and catered to. To even be in my presence, chat with me, see me or anything at all is a total privilege for you lowly gay sub slaves. You’re not dealing with another twink flamer or gay master — I’m an Alpha Master!

Look at the body, look at the face and then look back at the first thing you looked at — my bulge. There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll have you hooked on me worse than a crackhead on crack. Come step to this! Serve me immediately!

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