Turned Into a Sissy By a Straight Man

Turned into a sissy by a straight man.

You wanted to get used by a real man but now you’re faced with being turned into a sissy by a straight man. Hey, you never know!

Most straight guys aren’t going to be able to even get off having a masculine looking and acting guy slobbing the knob or slurping some sack…

So you could easily find yourself being manipulated and groomed to become more of a sissy or feminized fag. Of course much of that will depend on what type of relationship you have with your straight male master.

For gay money slaves and online slaves in general — they would only start getting turned into a sissy if their master thought it would be funny or simply just to humiliate the hell out of their gay counterpart. However for those of you that want to become the personal knob polisher or get pounded out by a straight stud — you’re the main candidate for sissification.

Real Timers More Apt to Get Turned Into a Sissy

Now you real timers, meaning guys who serve straight guys in person, you are the prime candidates for being turned into a feminine sissy slave. Maybe he’ll do it for laughs or maybe he’ll do it to turn you into a full blown sissy bitch but no matter the reason the result is the same.

How would you feel having a dominant straight stud pushing you towards getting girly for him? Would it turn you on being humiliated in such a way or does it appeal to how you feel on the inside?

You should definitely think about those things before venturing into serving real time especially if you are not into humiliation and domination because otherwise you may find yourself wearing lipstick and tucked into a pair of panties like a true sissy slut.

Now that you’re at the end of the article are you finding yourself craving gay sissification? If so, we know just the place for you.


  1. pay whatever you want to become a sissy fag

  2. I’m in New York City. How do I contact you?

  3. yes I am a male that is a older man girly bitch I meet him one day at a park we got talking he then ask if I would go to his place for coffee I just said yes we walk to his place once in side he had a nice place we sat on the couch he was really close he ask me to pour the coffee I said yes sir I made a joke is my master wants any thing else he said yes I as what do my master want to feel your ass I told him to go ahead that when he said put first take your shirt off I did as told as I turn around he was there he put his hand on my male breasts what nice tits you have then he bend down and suck them I just said yes master he stop just to said you like that girly yes master good then you are going to love been a girl well after that day I was over every night then one night I was there he had some clothes for me to wear I was then dress as a girl even the bra fit nice and tight it show my tits then he hand me a bag in it had lipstick and girly stuff the blouse and skirt in was in look nice it show how girly I was I then he hand me a lady bag now dear we are ready to go I ask were to a friend place I want him to see me girly bitch after we got there I was to please them both after that night I knew that I was made to please men as a sissy girl

  4. dennies mathewson

    well after that night and on the way home i ask my master if I did good he said yes dear I told him thanks I want to please him I then said I just wish my tits were more girly like and my ass look more like a girl he look at me and said you should have your wish I help make you a girl with nice girly tits and a nice round ass it will be your pussy we just got home and a few hours a man came over he had a black bag they talk for awhile and then we had a drink I felt a sleep when I woke up in the morning I was strap down on the bed just then my master came in with the man I see she up and awake I said good morning sir the he pull the cover off of me and unstrap me they help me up and show me a full mirror I saw I have tits like a girl and a ass like one too she look lovey no one will know he was a man now just then he put his hand on my tits yes just lovey then my master said do you want to be the first one with her he said yes then he said and you sir try out her knew pussy ass just then I had one sucking my breasts and the other banging my pussy ass this went on for awhile and soon both of them came now you lady how did it feel to be a girly boy I told them both I love it now I can wear some sexy clothes show my ass and breasts off my master said yes well it been a year now and I been with master and his friends

  5. dennies mathewson

    I a male and out of work one day I saw a sign male want to do work around house for older man sow I walk over to his house and knot on the door a older man open the door he said may I help you I said sir I here for the job he look at me and sad yes come in please as I walk in and look around I saw picture of men cock on the wall he saw me looking at them he said there were here before me I told that alright I seen them before I then ask what kind of work you have to be done he said I been sick for awhile and I need my place clean up if you can do this I pay you well I told when you want me to start right now if you like I said yes then I look at him he had a robe on and I thought I saw his hard cock then he saw me look at him and then he fit his robe I told that alright you do not have to hide it from me it your house you dress as you like I do the same as I went to the kitchen to wash the dishes he went back to the living room I start to wash the dishes there were a sink full I toke me a hour to do then I went back to him he said would you make a cup of tea please I said yes sir as I walk back I saw his cock again now it was hard and I smile I thought he was jerking off I went and got him his tea then I look in the mirror and my top was wet so I toke my top off I when I did I undone my zipper and got him a cup of tea and brought him his tea as I put the cup on the table he look at me and saw my fly open he said you know your fly is open I lie I sorry but when I toke my wet top off it must came open I just pull it up he said only if I want to I give him his tea he said in that room is the laundry you can wash some clothes just put a load in the washer I did as told then came back and sat on the couch I ask anything else he said no just sit for awhile I sat close to him the next thing I knew his hand was around my shoulder then he work his finger around my breasts I lay back a bit so now he can play with them more he keep this up he told me I have nice soft tits like a little girl I told him thank you then he ask f any one suck them I told him once a few years ago I let a older man do it just to see how it felt he said did you like it I said it was alright but I never got him to do anything all he want was to suck my tits just then he put his lips around my tit and suck he suck for awhile as he suck I put my hand on his hard cock and jerk him a bit then he stop he told me pull your pants off I did as told when I did he saw my red thong he smile and said you look lovey in panties just then washer stop I got up and put the laundry in the dryer he was behind me I got up and his hand was on my ass I did not move he felt my ass then he toke my hand and walk us into his bed room he remove his robe he ask if I ever suck a man cock I told him once I knew what he want then I ask you want me to suck your cock he said only if you want I said yes but only you do not cum in my mouth he said no little one I save that for your pussy ass well I suck him and then he pull out he lift my legs and ripe my thong off and shove his hard cock in me as he bang me I yell out yes I want to feel your hot cum in me please sir shew me good do my little girl want to be my house bitch I just said yes well after that night and the next morning I woke up and he was in bed I pull the cover back that old man still had a hard cock and my ass was sore so I just suck his cock he woke up and said that my girl then he came in my mouth and I drank it all then we got up he said come here girl I walk by a mirror and stop my tits were a bit big I look at him and said how he said I glue fake ones on I ask why because I want you to look like a girl I put my hand on them I cry out there lovey but I have to go home soon that alright you can have them off when you ready to go well I stray for a few weeks clean his house and at night we made love I was loving his cock soon I was dress more girly one day I told him please remove them he did when he did my tits look like they grow out a bit he wash the glue off when he did it felt nice then he lick one it felt good and the other one it felt good I just said yes please let me stray here and be your house maid he said yes only you be my wife just then a man walk in he said are you ready to wed he said yes after awhile it was not like any other wedding the man said you take this man as your master to love and to hold and do as told as long as you live I said yes and you master take him and show him he a girl and make he suck and take cock up he ass pussy have her ready for your male friend he said yes then you are marry now come my friends and undress me we did as told and I got two cocks that night

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