Gay Cash Pigs Getting Drained Heavily

Gay Cash Pigs

Some homosexuals crave a different kind of kink. We’re talking about gay cash pigs getting drained heavily by a straight master.

Just the idea of slaving away all week at work just to hand over all that money like a bitch is something that drives you crazy.

Well you aren’t alone because we know all about it. Our masters not only have cash slaves but use them on a regular basis.

There is nothing truly more suitable for a submissive gay man then to have to be enslaved by a dominant man around the clock and be a slave for them even at work. Now not only are you enslaved in your free time but now your entire life is consumed with serving and improving the life of your master. Hot isn’t it?

Gay Cash Pigs Need to Get Drained

All of you wannabe gay cash pigs need to quit day dreaming and diddling your dinky dicks and start living the life you crave. Open up those wallets, drain those credit cards and savings accounts on your Master and see what it feels like to really get drained and OWNED by a real man.

You know you need it — embrace your gay financial domination fetish and become a gay cash pig.

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