Worship the Big Bulge in My Briefs

Big Bulge

Big bulges are something you just can’t ignore. Well it’s time you worship the big bulge in my briefs.

You hungry gay pigs see it, I know you do so don’t tell me otherwise. One look in my direction and my fat package catches your eye and makes your mouth and ass get hungry as hell.

It makes you just want to kneel down and worship it. You would love to bury your nose into my bulge, rub your face around in it and beg for a nice strong taste of dick head. I know how you pig fags think and I know just how to use you.

Hooked on the Big Bulge

I’ll get you hooked on my big bulge to the point that you’ll be thanking me daily for just existing. Trust me on that one. Why else would a young jock stud like me rock briefs instead of boxers? It’s so I can accentuate this big ball of dick and balls just to torment you even further.

When you are ready for some intense big bulge worship, come see what it’s like to get used by a hung stud then come get some!

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