Gay Armpit Sniffing Slaves

Gay Armpit Sniffing
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Those hairy sweat soaked pits drive you wild. Gay armpit sniffing slaves crave nothing more then getting a nice face full of that manly moist pit. In fact many of you will do anything to catch a whiff of that sweet man stink.

You know what I’m talking about! You’ll snatch up sweat soaked shirts, undershirts or anything else that has a chance of having a sweaty pit in them you can snort. There are those of you that love the white shirts with the yellow stained pits, those of you that want the scent of raw body odor and of course those that just need a pit sandwich.

Gay Armpit Sniffing Slaves Teased

How many times have you jacked off thinking about some musky man pits? Does the idea of gay armpit sniffing drive you mad with lust? You horny pigs! Look at how hard you’re getting just reading this right now!

All of us masters love teasing and taunting you nasty pigs with our hairy man pits. Flexing up with a man bush sticking out from under our arms, skipping deodorant to kick up the scent and flashing them every chance we get are just a few of the ways we do it. We haven’t even gotten to showing you them online, on cam or telling you about how sweaty we are after working out or playing sports.

So tell me — what would you do, as a gay armpit sniffing slave, to get a chance to worship, sniff and grovel in a real man’s armpit?

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