Gay Cash Pigs: A Financial Domination Fetish

Gay cash pigs
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There are gay guys into domination and there are gay cash pigs that are into financial domination.

Gay financial domination is basically just as it sounds — its a fetish involving the domination of gay guy not just physically and mentally but also financially.

Maybe the slave buys the Master’s lunch everyday or pays his cell phone bill. No matter what way it manifests itself, it all fits into the realm of gay financial domination and the desires of gay cash pigs.

Become One of the Gay Cash Pigs

If you want to become a gay cash pig or have been wondering how the hell to get some financial domination to get off to — it’s actually pretty easy, at least for those of you reading this article it will be anyway. You have a couple options that of course can lead to many more things.

First of all there are gay cash masters that do phone sex type interactions and then there are the webcam guys into it, which are considered the better of the two due to the higher level of interaction and realness. It’s more intense for most people when they can see, hear and interact rather than just talk over the phone but that’s a personal choice for you to decide.

If gay financial domination is just what you’ve been looking for then becoming a gay cash pig might be just the thing for you.


  1. Your pay slave sir

  2. Your lottery slave sir

  3. 52 year old gay man who would to be dominated financially, mentally and physically

  4. Please teach me how to be a good obedient cash pig slave.

    I want to know

  5. Are You still available as a Master? My cock is rock hard.

    Hopeful in Savannah, Georgia

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