Black Master Foot Long for Fags

Gay Black Master

I can already hear the screams. It’s your black master and I’ve got a foot long piece of meat that will leave you fags kneeling in your proper place.

There is not an ounce of me that’s not dominate and ruthless. When you come mess with me you bet your ass I’m going to dominate and rule over you fags. With 12 inches of big black dick, who are you to think you can jack to me buddy?

You’re nobody to me but a fresh slave that’s on the verge of getting put in their place, busted down to size and made to submit to my alpha cock. You know you need big black cock in your life.

Your Black Master Speaks You Listen

Now you listen to me! If your black master tells you I want to see you turn into a freak for me, that’s just what you’re going to do. I love seeing how nasty and kinky my pig slaves can really be.

I’ll have your gay ass so worked up over my big black dick that you won’t be able to resist giving in to my every demand. Serve your black master.

8 thoughts on “Black Master Foot Long for Fags

  1. Please make this she sissy male slut your sex slave bitch whore and use me as you see fit master. I love BBC! Collar me and chain me up please master! Enslave me into your stables of white sissy slaves.

  2. Master….I am sure that I would be the “RIGHT” slave for you….if you want your Socked Feet smelled daily, am all “YOURS”….if you want your shoes taken off when U come home..I am all “YOURS”.If you want your cock sucked, I am “YOURS” If you want your meals cooked daily, I am “YOURS”. If you want our home kept clean. I am “YOURS”. If you wish to “SHARE” me with other Masters…I am “YOURS”. If you want me on my knees for you whenever you want that..I am “YOURS”. ….as you can see Master…
    I need to be “OWNED”……..

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