Are You a Gay Size Queen?

Gay Size Queen
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I was so happy when they asked me to do an article on being a gay size queen — because I am!

But also because you never hear the term used out side of the world of straight women and that’s just not accurate at all. If anything there are more size queens in the gay community than I’ve ever heard of from my female friends.

Sure they all like big dicks but not in the same way us gay size queens do. For a straight woman for example she would be considered a size queen because she prefers men with big dicks — like 7, 8 or 9 inches and thick.

Gay Size Queens Want it Really Big

The big difference is in the fact that gay men like men can, will and want to take much bigger things than a 9 inch dick. Don’t get me wrong guys in that size range have huge cocks but being a gay size queen involves more than just a huge cock and it involves big toys, objects and all sorts of kinky shit that straight women wouldn’t even be able to fathom — at least the majority of them.

Me for example I’ve had men with huge penises inside of me but I always find myself needing more. I love big sex toys, huge fat dildos and I admit I’ve even tried those cone shaped hole stretchers. It may seem crazy to some but the feeling of being stretched and gaped makes me feel more submissive than anything else.

Oh and when we are talking about real man I can’t settle for a small dick packing guy I need big, thick and long to penetrate me. Do any of you feel the same way I do? I must admit I’m getting turned on just writing this article knowing so many men, women and most of all straight guys will see this.

If there are some of you that totally relate with what I’m talking about than you probably are in the same club as me; the gay size queen club!

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