Gay Muscle Worship Master

Gay Muscle Worship Master

I am your gay muscle worship master. Let’s get that straight from the start.

My body deserves muscle worship to the fullest extent. Lowly submissive slaves and pigs need to bow down at my feet and beg me to taste this body.

Whether it’s my ripped quads or my jacked up biceps they all are here to be idolized and adored like the alpha-stud that I am. Your looking at an ex-solider who is all about hard work when it comes to my job and when it comes to using slaves and ruining holes.

Gay Muscle Worship Master

Come serve your gay muscle worship master before I wrap one of my big arms around your neck and pop your head like a zit. You’ll be able to hear and see me on my webcam as I flex my superiority over you.

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  1. Please Sir may I worship at your feet?

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