Gay Penis Humiliation Sessions

Gay Penis Humiliation

All you little penis having freaks need to get checked and lucky for you a superior stud like me is here to dish out gay penis humiliation sessions.

Not only is my body superior to you but my package is as well. We’re talking 6 inches limp and over 9 inches hard of all natural uncut pleasure.

You on the other hand having a little miniature cock that only deserves to be laughed at and made fun of. No wonder your gay right? How would you ever please a real woman with that thing!

My new nickname should be Ass Destroyer because that’s exactly what would happen if you messed with me but you can have a little dream right? But plain and simple you deserve humiliation and I mean hardcore gay penis humiliation while I swing around my big ass stick in your face with your little dink wanting to cry down beneath me.

Gay Penis Humiliation by a True Master

Now bow down, flop out that shrimp dick and take the humiliation your new master is about to dish out like the tiny dick having queer that you are!

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