Gay Muscle Cam Master Mike

Gay Muscle Cam Master Mike

What’s wrong slave? Trouble thinking when you see the Gay Muscle Cam Master Mike?

I’m not surprised this body makes bitches of both sexes weak in the knees and I just love every damn minute of it. I work out four days a week and I want this muscle worshiped as much as possible from men and women.

Well I wouldn’t really call you men compared to me but you don’t have pussy besides your asshole so lets go with slave instead.

Gay slaves should be down at my feet begging to submit to my powerful quads and biceps while hoping for the chance to shower me with gifts. I have the type of muscular body that will make you inferior boys want to bow down and bow the fuck out of the man race because I’ve won it.

So quit jacking at your tiny ass dick and get your wallet out because it’s time to adore the Muscle Cam Master and do your best to please me. I want compliments, spoiling, tributes and massages for starters but we can negotiate based on what your pathetic ass is craving for.

Time to Serve Your Muscle Cam Master

You can chat with me about any of your messed up perverted fantasies and get them brought to life like never before, trust me on that. I’ll have you caught up in whirl wind of muscle worship you won’t be able to escape from. You know you need it.

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