I Love Licking Mens Feet

I Love Licking Mens Feet

So you love licking mens feet do you? It seems there are plenty of you gay slaves out there who craving licking men’s feet then ever before.

All of us Masters have a steady stream of foot slaves wanting nothing more than to serve out superior soles.

Our big feet stomp around in your heads constantly don’t they? Some of these lowly pigs actually want to lick them after a nice sweaty workout; can you imagine the flavor?

Crave Licking Men’s Feet

But we don’t mind. Whatever it takes to get the slave worked up, horny and willing to do anything we want is what we love to do. If you want to serve the feet you have to pay the price. Whether that’s humiliation, cash raping or just plain verbal abuse, all depends on the slave. Hey don’t get down on yourself though. Plenty of foot pigs can’t resist manly feet and luckily for you, finding a gay footmaster that needs his feet licked shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s your place down by our manly feet, inhaling and aroma and wanting to suck our toes like a dick. It’s who you are and all of truly dominant masters know you can’t stop so why not just embrace it bow down by your owner – begging for the honor of licking mens feet. Are you in need of a foot master?

Do you crave licking mens feet? If you do then tell us about your cravings in the comments. We can’t wait to hear about it.

4 thoughts on “I Love Licking Mens Feet

  1. Master,

    I beg you to please let me worship your feet! I will do anything to take care of your perfect feet sir! Please let me lick your feet and suck on your toes Master!

    Your slave,

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