Gay Muscle Bear Ready to Rock You

gay muscle bear

Some consider me to be a gay muscle bear. I think I’m more of a truly rugged American beefcake who can turn you into a eager bottom just as easy as I can make you want to submit to my powerful body.

I’ve always been a big beefy guy and my status as a so called bear is true more ways than one. What do I mean by that? Let me put it this way; I’m as big as a bear and I can man handle you just like a mighty bear could out in the wild.

Once I get my hands on you, I could tear those clothes off, throw you around and take what I want, when I want it.

Besides that I love flexing my body, flaunting my beefed out chest and am willing to do it in a pair of speedos, my leather gear or just a tight pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I’ll let you decide which you want to beg for.

A Truly Aggressive Gay Muscle Bear

Most of my free time is spent lifting weights and getting more pumped up and sweaty. Overall I’m a pretty laid back guy, that is until I get turned on and then I become extremely aggressive and passionate about what I want. Come see what it’s like to submit to a true gay muscle bear who’s built to last.

One thought on “Gay Muscle Bear Ready to Rock You

  1. I want to be dominated by you. I love being called a faggot. Beat me with no marks. I am from NYC. No money involved.

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