Slobbing a Straight Man’s Knob

Slobbing a straight man's knob; are you ready for it?

No doubt about it, there are boatloads of gay dudes out there dying to be slobbing a straight man’s knob but are they really ready for it?

I’ve heard countless times how badly they just want to submit, get on their knees and slurp that stick  but they may or may not know what comes along with it.

For example if a gay guy is used to sucking off other gay guys in a more vanilla fashion, he would be in for quite the surprise when a real man got a hold of him.

The main thing to keep in mind is that if you are truly slobbing a straight man’s knob — the are not gonna be into you at all. In fact they will be most likely repulsed and fighting to focus on the wet mouth and sucking rather than the fact your gay ass is doing the bobbing.

Slobbing a Straight Man’s Knob Properly

If you think you’re gonna go for it and try to get such a privilege from one of us you better do it properly. That means you better be prepared to offer that mouth hole up to be fucked out however we wish.

Maybe some of us will let you slob away but others are gonna take that repulsed aggression and turn it into a gay deep throat fetish scene with the way we can get stroking those fag throats.

Keep this all in mind when you pursue trying to slob on straight man knobs and you just might get out of it with a shred of dignity… Maybe. If you want to get off to some fat knobs right now then check out your boy featured in the photo above live on cam. Just be ready for the major jock cock that dude is swinging.

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