Hairy Old Hung Dudes

Hairy old hung dudes? Really?

So I’m talking to a submissive queer the other day he mentions he is only into hairy old hung dudes. This sent me for a frigging loop because here I am a 24 year old straight stud (trust me) and the guy isn’t the least bit interested in submitting to me because he’s into old dudes? I had never had this happen before but we chatted just because I was interested, for a few more minutes.

He Wanted Hairy Old Hung Dudes Only

He definitely wasn’t bullshitting because he was telling me all the stuff he would do to them such as tonguing their old gray haired asses and how he loves sniffing his gray bush while he laughed at him etc…

I fucking dry heaved but he was dead serious! Which brings me to my question for all of you:

How many of you prefer these old ass hairy hung dudes over a young college jock or just a younger guy in general? If you are and want to hookup with the old prick posted above in this article: check out his profile and webcam here.

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