Gay Cash Master Frank

Gay Cash Master Frank

Hey slaves it’s Gay Cash Master Frank. Some of you may already know but others are about to.

I was thrilled when Straight Master sent me the email saying they wanted me to come write an article about myself for their site. An arrogant prick like me always jumps at the chance to brag about myself so of course I agreed and here I am.

A bit about me: I am a 23 year old ripped stud, hot body, big package and love taking little twerp submissive queers and making them my all around personal human atm machines. It’s cash I’m after and who knows if I’m drunk enough I might even put that mouth to use.

Bow Down to Gay Cash Master Frank

But anyway I’ve been abusing gay slaves online for a couple years now and it never gets old. Just laughing at all of you as you grovel and beg for more of this body and hand over all your cash for the chance to see my dick or even see me spread my ass is hilarious.

So yeah you could say I love it in a kinky wild sort of way. So what kind of queer are you? Are you prepared to be my cash pig? Are you ready to get humiliated and abused like I love to do? If you are then maybe we can work something out that we will both love.

Hit me up and thanks for checking me out but then again why the hell wouldn’t you?


  1. geir johansen

    love you

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