Gay Master for Sissy Slaves

Gay Master for Sissy Slaves

Enough of the crap I’m a Gay Master on the hunt for true sissy slaves who are prepared to serve a real man the way I deserve to be.

You see me and you shake in fear of what I could do to you. There is no hiding from the fact that I am superior to you in mind, body and balls; don’t even get into the size of my meat because it’ll make you cry.

My dick gets rock hard when I see a grown man begging to slurp my sweaty ball bag, sniff my pits or worship my ass crack like a true gay pig. I know your nature and I plan to exploit it till the point you’re left kneeling pleading with me to use you like a true sissy slave should be.

How to Serve the Real Gay Master

You might be wondering what type of nasty stuff I get into well lets break it down for your bitch boners so you can know what you’re getting into and what I am into as well.

  • Cuckolding
  • Leather & BDSM Fetishes
  • Humiliation & Domination
  • Brainwashing & Blackmail
  • Muscle, Body Worship & More

If you don’t see what you’re aching for then just let me know and I’m sure I’ll be able to show you what true intensity is on my webcam and you’ll never look to another Gay Master again! Guaranteed.

13 thoughts on “Gay Master for Sissy Slaves

  1. please have dom man that wants full time ownership ofsissyboy to remake for himself, for this training i can be blckmailed into 1000 a month

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am a 60yr old baby sissy who has finally accepted myself and recognize that it is my true
    nature to be owned by and to serve a real man. I am seeking your guidance while my boss is serving out another parole violation. He is also a real man all 6’6″ 278# of him. He expects to
    see some improvement in my oral skills by the time hes done doin his time(7mos,).
    Please help me if you can as this sissy doesn’t want another punishment spanking for scratching his large cock with its teeth.. I am at your service if acceptable.
    submissively yours,
    Tina Rivaire aka sissy chrissy aka christopher

  3. I’m a gay male but I’m very masculine. I need a gay Master to make/mold this sissy faggot slave into a sissy feminine sissy. I’ll do anything to be a sissy and become the girl I was born.

  4. i am first timer and want to be ruled by a strict master . i want to be given blg tits and huge lips to suck you off with and a huge ass for you to push against when you fuck me ! YOUR SISSY TOMMIE

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